Wednesday, April 25


It's really sad when the person you really love, the reason you want to study, the reason that you will coming back for is breaking up with you just because of study. It's really sad. The time that I need him the most, he can just walk out and say 'don't lose hope and I'm letting you go for study reason'. It's really sad. Other than my family, other than my friends, he also the person that turn to when I need someone. It's just, if I knew that he goddamn leaving me. I'm the one that should walk out. It all happen when I reach here and my life, my entire life just freaking change. haih. I couldn't say I miss you, I couldn't say I love you, I couldn't say I need you anymore. And this time, when I really need you. I could beg just to get your help but I'm in shocked that he could. So much for the promise you made, so much for the support. It just so lame when you needed someone and he/she could just walk out. pfffftt~ Now, it is hard for me to go back, to my home town. From facebook to my phone number, I just wanna change. I love my twitter tho. LOL anyway, I need that freaking GODDAMN cigarette. I need my DRUG. I need it so bad.